10 Home Remedies for Hangnail

If your hangnail infection gets out of hand and becomes severe with pus, you should consult a doctor for infected hangnail treatment. In the end, your most important question is how to get rid of one and if hangnail treatment exists. The good news is that there are a few home remedies for hangnail to choose from, as well as a few tips to prevent hangnail. What options of treatment are available? Find out below.

1. Honey
A delicious and popular home remedy for hangnail is honey. This sweet cure can succeed in treating, preventing and getting rid of hangnail for good by moisturizing the area well, as dry skin is the leading cause for hangnail in the first place. Aside from this, honey also actually has fantastic antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits that will aid the healing process. We recommend Manuka honey for removal, but normal honey will work just as fine. Take some honey and rub it on the affected fingernail and let it set for a couple of hours. Repeat the process every day until your skin is properly moisturized.

2. Epsom Salt

Before you get out your nail clipper to remove the hangnail, you should know that one of the most well-known remedies is just as close. The antibacterial properties that Epsom salts contains help heal the hangnail in a natural way and are also effective in the case of infection. All you have to do is get one tablespoon of Epsom salts and mix it in a bowl of water. Allow your hand to soak in the water, emphasizing the finger with hangnail. You can repeat the process as often as you want until the pain goes away and the area is healed.

3. Moisturizer

If you do not want to use ingredients from your kitchen to heal your hangnail, then you should be prepared with a reliable moisturizer. It does not have to be the most expensive product you find, but rather contain essential ingredients like Vitamin E so you know you are getting the hydration you need to heal. Wash your hands frequently to keep them clean and prevent infection and rub them with moisturizer afterward.

4. Vitamin E Oil

As you probably have already noticed, quite a few home remedies for hangnail contain the wondrous Vitamin E. That is exactly why Vitamin E oil is one of the best cures for this problem that there is. It is a safe and natural way for getting rid of that painful piece of torn skin without making the problem even worse. We recommend that you use Vitamin E oil more than once every day in order to enjoy pleasing results. If you do this and maintain clean hands, you will soon see that hangnails will no longer bother you.

5. Almond

Remember what we said before about the importance of Vitamin E for keeping your skin hydrated? Well, you should know that almonds are very high in the Vitamin E you need, as well as essential acids. What you need to do is take some almonds and place them in a bowl of water over the night. When you wake up in the morning, you have to take off the skin of the almonds and crush them up. Add some honey and an egg yolk (after you have beaten it) and mix everything well. Before you go to sleep, rub the mixture on your fingernails and let it work during the night. Wash your hands when you wake up and repeat this remedy until the pain and hangnail are both gone.